AGRO-FOOD INDUSTRIE installs its first factory in 2004 in Marrakech, to manufacture the first HALAL range in the world of baby food with more than 80 references.

A second factory was built in 2013 for the manufacture of infant cereals with and without gluten, as well as the first references of dairy preparation.

These 2 factories are certified HACCP, ISO 22 000, IFS (International Food Standard) V6, Label HALAL.

In 2016, AGRO-FOOD INDUSTRIE launched its TECKMILK milk powder brand.

In 2017, AGRO-FOOD INDUSTRIE launches the AFI PROFESSIONNAL brand, a new range of products for VENDING Professionals (Automatic Distributors).


We are proud to respect the 3 pillars of our charter: FOOD SAFETY / QUALITY / TRACEABILITY.

This charter is a testament to our high standards, which go beyond the European regulations on infant food.

Food safety

Numerous rigorous controls are carried out at each stage of the manufacturing process, from the raw material to the finished product.

The QUALITY department releases a production only after validation of the analyses of all the manufactured batches.

The Quality

Our permanent priority is the total satisfaction of our customers. That is why the culture of QUALITY is a key value at AGRO-FOOD INDUSTRIE.

Baby food products are governed by much stricter legislation than adult food products and we are proud to have a team of employees who ensure, at all times, that these commitments are respected.

Thus, our ingredients are specifically selected for their quality and their adequacy with the Baby Food regulations.

The traceability

100% HALAL and GLUTEN-FREE guarantee: thanks to our certified channels: thus guaranteeing a perfect quality of manufacture & hygiene in accordance with our certifications: HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), ISO 22 000 / 2018 and Label HALAL.


AGRO-FOOD INDUSTRIE has an integrated and innovative Research & Development department, surrounded by experts in infant nutrition (nutritionists, pediatricians, mothers’ advisors) we are constantly working hand in hand, to constantly INNOVATE.

The tests, trials and analyses are carried out internally thanks to our two fully equipped laboratories: Bacteriological and Physico-chemical Laboratory.

Tasting sessions / validations take place for all our products, in order to take into account the opinion of the tasters, and to finalize exclusively products of very high gustatory and nutritional qualities.

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