halal baby food

HALAL Baby Food

AGRO-FOOD INDUSTRIE   Marrakech is the world’s first manufacturer of HALAL baby food, with a wide range of more than 80 references of Cereals for babies:
Infant cereals with an assortment of GLUTEN FREE cereals
Small baby jars:

  • Small Jars of fruits, Vegetables, Meat, Fish…
  • Fruit drinks for baby…
  • Fruit compotes…
A complete range that meets the specific needs of babies and children from 6 to 36 months, made by specialists in infant feeding.
A range specially developed for babies and children with GLUTEN intolerance (celiac disease) with 3 GLUTEN FREE references.
AGRO-FOOD INDUSTRIE has also developed a brand of milk powder for children and adults, and two brands snacking to accompany children at breakfast and snack.
AFI Professional is our new service center to meet the demands of our professional clients in Morocco and abroad.
AFI –Africa, following its policy of openness to the African continent,
AGRO-FOOD INDUSTRIE has followed this synergy by moving to DAKAR with a 1st African branch, to be close and attentive to its customers, develop a growing African market and establish a relationship of trust towards these countries.



You are an importer, a Distributor? Our products interest you?
Do not hesitate to contact us because we are looking for new partners in Morocco, Africa and all over the world…
  • To ensure the distribution of our HALAL baby products:
  • Small baby jars: meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits.
  • Cereals with and GLUTEN FREE,
  • Milk Powder With Vegetable Fat ,
  • Snacking

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