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AGRO-FOOD INDUSTRIE  launches in May 2017, a new range of cereals for breakfast and snack, under the brand VITA POP’s.

A delicious combination of Balls and Rings with good taste of biscuit and chocolate.

VITA POP’s helps you to start your day by giving you pleasure to look after yourself

A balanced and energetic breakfast should contain a cereal product, rich in carbohydrates.

                                                                  Origin : European Union

                                                                  Packaging : Bag of 15Gr and Bag of 1 Kg

                                                                  Conservation Tips  : store in a cool dry placeaway from direct sunlight.

sachet choco vitapop's transparent bag
VITA POP'S choco sachet 10gr 3D
sachet vita ring's 1 kg
VITA POP'S honey sachet 10gr 3D