A milk preparation  with instant dissolution, rich in vegetable fat, protein and vitamins for good growth.
Ideal for meals, cooking and baking.
Vitahalib is  for all ages: for babies from 12 months and adults.

Preparation tips : 

To prepare ½ l of vitahalib , add 5 large spoons (about 12gr/spoon) of vitahalib powder in 450 ml of boiled warm water.

Dilution : 2,25 kgs of vitahalib = up to 21 liters of  vitahalib
Origin : Morocco/ Marrakech
Recommended for : Breakfast / lunch / snack / dinner

Packaging :
Bag  26g
Bag  50g
Box  300g
Bag  400g
Box  900g

Bucket 2kg
Plastic container  20kg

Storage tips : Store in a cool, dry and clean place, away from direct sunlight.

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